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Point Your Domain to Us
Posted by H9 Admin on 22 December 2014 04:07 PM

We recommend that you change the nameservers for your domain to the ones we provide so that our servers can automatically manage your DNS for you; but we know sometimes it's advantageous for our customers to use a DNS server other than ours. Typically you would do this if you currently have many DNS records set up elsewhere and only wish to use HostNine for certain services. Otherwise, it is better to simply point the nameservers to us and manage the DNS here.

For example, say you have your domain set up at another web hosting company, nameservers and all. Then you buy hosting from HostNine and want your website that is from the OTHER company to utilize OUR hosting services. You would have to point your domain from the other company over to us.

Point Your Domain Over to Us

You will need to create or change some A records at your DNS server to accomplish this. In most cases you will need to create one entry for your domain without the www and another entry with the www, assuming you want your website to show up regardless of how visitors type your domain name.

The method for changing A records varies; so you will want to reference the specific instructions for your DNS server.

DNS Server DNS Display

Many DNS Servers will display these records in various fashions. Please see the examples below showing how the A records may appear.

Example One

Name TTL Type Address
@ 14400 A 111.222.333.444
www 14400 A 111.222.333.444

Example Two

Name TTL Type Address 14400 A 111.222.333.444 14400 A 111.222.333.444

Example Three

Name TTL Type Address 14400 A 111.222.333.444 14400 CNAME

You may need to consult the documentation of your DNS server to know with certainty how the records should be formatted. Contact support for the company providing the DNS server if you are unsure how to proceed.And you may find still more slight variations. Don't panic, though. The rule of thumb is to create your entries to look like the ones already there, and if the entry already exists, then edit it instead of adding a new one. 

What to Change

  • IP address - Instead of using the IP address (111.222.333.444) used in the examples above, substitute the IP address of your site. Your site's IP address can be found in the Account Information/Stats panel of cPanel, or you can contact Support to get help with finding that info.

  • Domain Name - You should also substitute your actual domain where it currently says

Leave all other information the same (formatted according to the specifications of your DNS server).

Point Your Nameservers to Another Host

If you do not use our DNS servers, you will need to manually update the individual DNS records on the remote DNS server.  Any changes to your HostNine server, such as adding subdomains or a change an IP address, will not be reflected in the remote DNS automatically as they would if you used our DNS. If you are uncomfortable doing this, we recommend you use our nameservers instead!

See our All About Nameservers article for instructions on how to point your nameserver to another host.

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